The question of which type of man is better at finding a partner is discussed again and again. While young men are said to be impulsive, more physically fit and more enthusiastic, older men are said to have qualities such as reliability, loyalty and self-confidence. What people prefer more when choosing a partner is of course ultimately down to individual preference and cannot be generalized. Or can it? At MySugardaddy, we want to know more precisely which type of man is actually more popular on the dating market, so we conducted a representative online dating A/B test.


For the test, we created two sample profiles on one of the most-used dating apps: The 29-year-old sporty, dreamy-looking backpacker Christian, with no clear dating preferences, and the 43-year-old successful, determined-looking investor Christian, with clear sugar dating preferences.


In addition to the description in his biography, the more mature Christian also proves his exclusive lifestyle in his profile photos. The pictures show him posing confidently in a business look, playing golf in the desert and enjoying himself on the beach. In contrast, the young backpacker Christian shows a more down-to-earth lifestyle. In his profile photos, he presents himself as an adventurous and nature-loving person, who enjoys cycling and spending time with his dog.


With both profiles, one thousand men and women aged between 18 and 32 were positively marked, i.e. swiped to the right, within a defined period of time. Both profiles were given the same search radius of 80 kilometers. At the end of the test, the backpacker profile and the businessman profile received the following matches:

Backpacker or Businessman: which type is more desirable?

The number of matches on both profiles show a clear favorite: Businessman Christian has received 67 more matches than backpacker Christian. That’s 18 percent more matches for the 43-year-old. What’s more, with the data collected from our online dating test, we can see that the older man is much more popular with women. He received 64 percent more matches with women than the attractive 29-year-old. However, when it comes to the male online dating users, they seem to prefer the young backpacker to the mature Christian: the 43-year-old businessman received 63 percent of matches with men, but the 29-year-old got over 83 percent. In our online dating test, a total of 374 users were interested in a date with businessman Christian, well over a third of the users assessed.


To obtain reliable data for our online dating test, two profiles were created on one of the most used dating apps in Germany. For the profile of the 29-year-old, profile pictures were chosen that show a young, active man. For the profile of the 43-year-old, pictures showed a more mature man and investor was given as his profession. Both profiles were given the name Christian, and the location as Munich, with a search radius of 80 kilometers. The age range chosen for matches was 18 to 32 years. For eight subsequent days, 125 male and female dating app users were given a right swipe each day. Matches were counted daily, and added up at the end of the test. The test was conducted in December 2021.