How do sugar daddies pay?

There are many methods sugar daddies pay. It is common practice to either pay per meeting or if you have a good relationship with your sugar daddies you can work out a monthly price. Now when it comes to form of a payment. We have seen/experienced that many sugar daddies prefer either direct wire transfer or a service like a PayPal or Venmo app. Gone are the days of cash, although it is possible at the beginning of the relationships.

- Brittney (California)

What should I write in my sugar daddy profile?

This is a large topic and a lot to explain. I will do my best, from my experience, to go into some detail on this topic. Also keep in mind this is accordingly to my success in 2022.

Avatar Pictures

First your profile pictures, this is clearly the most important since it is what attracts a sugar daddy to your profile. The main profile pictures should be a close up of your face but in a classy way that shows your personality.

Profile Pictures

The rest of your photos are a whole another beast. Each photo should convey a side of your personality. For example, a bikini photo of you on beach shows that you are a beach person that enjoys a chill day on the beach. This should also be paired with a photo of you in an evening gown that shows you can clean up for a black tie dinner or something.

- Merisa (New York)

Where can I find a sugar daddy for free?

Finding a sugar daddy may seem like a daunting task at first. But it really does not have to be. There are a lot of sugar dating sites/app out there and the good ones are free for female members. It is smart to open profiles on a multiple sites/app. Casting a big net is important as you can have a choice in who in you want.

- Alejandra (Indiana)

Can you be a sugar baby online only?

Also known as rinsing, being an online sugar baby is completely possible but it is a lot of work that really isn’t worth it. The real experience is the dating aspect. Sugar daddies get demonized a lot in media but they are mostly men that want to go on proper date with a woman that understand his time is worth a lot. In short, it is possible to be an online sugar baby you can only really expect $200 for about 10 hours of work while being on call at all times.

- Brooke (Illinois)

How can I get my sugar daddy to send me money?

Getting a sugar daddy to send you money is a pretty simple. First you must organize the price, this done after spending sometime chatting and finding a time to meet. You can either chat online or while on a coffee date. It is a relationship, so being compatible is important. During the coffee date/chatting online and you are compatible, you can then discuss payment. Be confident and direct, time is the valuable for sugar daddies.

- Maria (New York)

Do sugar babies have to pay a fee?

Sugar babies do not have to pay a fee, depending on the website/app you join. Many websites are free for the sugar babies. At least the good ones are. When it comes to talking with the sugar daddies you must pay to unlock them. There are always features that are free that allow you ask to be unlock or to let sugar daddies that you want to look at your profile.

- Michelle (Massachusetts)

How much should a sugar daddy pay?

It is completely dependent on what type of sugar daddy you have. Some just want sex which you will not get paid a lot for and wont be as many gifts. The real asset you get from a sugar daddy is in a form of gifts. The gifts usually are designer clothes and accessories. While still getting paid for your time. When it comes to cash, you can expect $300-$800 per date. This is a big difference I know, but it depends on the time spent and how many meeting you are having each month.

- Donna (New York)

Can you go to jail for having a sugar daddy?

NO! You cannot go to jail for having a sugar daddy. Now if you are just prostitute that uses sugar dating sites to find members. Yes that is illegal, very illegal in fact.

- Anne (Washington)

Where can I find a sugar daddy online for free?

There are many websites/app online which you can find a sugar daddy. There are many forms of communities as well. The quality ones allow the sugar babies to sign up for free and makes the sugar daddies pay to for entry. One community that is known for sugar daddies around the world is

- Liz (Washington)

How do I get money from my sugar daddy?

Getting money from your sugar daddy is easy, after you have the initial meeting where you discuss the payment. You must do it with confidence and being direct. Sugar daddies time is very important and they appreciate your understanding the use of their time is key..

- Ava (California)

How can I get money from sugar daddies without meeting them?

This is called rinsing, it is not popular but doable. You mainly send foot pictures and sexy photos. To be completely honest, only fans is the best option when it comes to these type of relationships. The money is not really worth it, sugar dating is best if you meet in person and the money is better than only fans ever can get you.

- Cameron (California)

How much money can you get from a sugar daddy?

When it comes to money, the price is dependent on the sugar daddy. I can say with my 3 years of experience seeking sugar relationships, that I can get paid about $300-$600 per meeting. When I had a long term relationship with one of my sugar daddies, we worked out a monthly fee. This averaged to about $3000. Some pay more others pay less. It may not sound like a lot of money but the gifts made up the other half of the payment. It comes down the use of your time, some just want to have sex but that is never the relationships I was seeking. I always went for the best relationships where members use the sugar dating site/app for actually dating.

- Judy (Washington)

Where are the rich sugar daddies?

Finding the sugar daddies can be easy but finding the rich sugar daddies may be a little harder. I have noticed that the really rich sugar daddies are in major cities. The bigger the city the more potential for rich sugar daddies.

- Olivia (New York)

Can you make money on sugar daddy?

Of course you can make money on a sugar daddy. The real question is how much can you make. I have made about $400-$700 a meeting. I live in the San Diego area so that of course affects the price. It is completely free when it comes to money to joining a sugar dating site/app. You just need to spend the time to built the profile to attract the members that are looking for a sugar baby of your style. This is comes from my experience from March 2022, I noticed trends changes on the sites/app.

- Amy (Texas)

Can you really find a sugar daddy online?

That is the fastest and best way to find a sugar daddy. Gone are the days where you are looking for a sugar daddy IRL. Sugar daddies are private people and don’t want their profiles broadcasted across the world.

- Victoria (California)

How do I get a sugar daddy to give me money with meeting?

To get a sugar daddy to pay you per meeting is much easier at the beginning of the relationship. To bring up the conversation may be weird or off putting at first, but after 6 years of being a sugar baby I can share my formula. At the beginning of the meeting it all about finding out if we are both compatible. I mainly see what they need in a relationship. Keep in mind you are not a prostitute! If it all goes well, I will then bring up the money aspect.

- Hannah (California)

How can I find a sugar daddy online?

The best way to find a sugar daddy online is to sign up for the sugar daddy websites. The best ones are free for the sugar babies. Although there are features that if you so choose can use to attract sugar daddies. These features usually only around $1-$5.

- Virgina (Washinton)

How does you sugar daddy meet work?

Sugar daddy meet is a sugar dating site that is credit based system, to unlock profiles you must purchase credits. There is also a subscription service you can join, it cost significantly more but has it perks.

- Nikita (Texas)

How much do sugar babies get paid per meet?

Sugar babies either get paid per meet or get monthly payments. It depends on the relationship, if its long term you will should go for monthly payments. You get a little less then pay per meet but you get significantly more gifts. Generally for the monthly payments you can expect about $2000- $3000 per month but with gifts this can be around $6000. Pay per meet is usually around $400-$600 per meeting not including dinner or other forms of entertainment.

- Kya (California)

What is the safest way to get money from a sugar daddy?

The safest way to get money is either direct wire transfer or a payment service like PayPal or Venmo. DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS, this is the most unsafe ways to get money. Checks can bounce or be canceled. Cash is always a good option but it tends to make me feel a bit dirty and not lady like.

- Alexandra (California)

What does sugar daddy mean slang

A rich older man who lavishes gifts on a young woman in return for her company.

- Abana (Texas)

How much do sugar daddies give?

Personally, it depends on the type of relationship. I have had multiple sugar babies in the past, and I usually try to start off the first meetings with around $200-$400. If we really start to click, I will gladly increase the pay because her time will then be worth more to me. I don’t often do monthly payments because my relationships really don’t last for more than 7 months. The longest relationship I have is going on 3 years.

- Curtis (Texas)

Where can I find a sugar daddy online?

You can find a sugar daddy online by joining a sugar dating website. Each site has their own alure, you must sign up and check out which one you like. It is smart to sign up for multiple sugar dating websites so you can cast a wide net. The idea is that is you can attract more sugar daddies then have a pick of the litter.

- Kimberly (Washinton)

How much should my sugar daddy pay me?

As a sugar daddy, I usually about $400-$700 a meeting. I have not done monthly meeting personally but perhaps in the future I will. I often pay a sugar baby to come to dinner with me since I like to enjoy good company with good food.

- Michael (Texas)